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Frequently Asked Questions?

How can MOOVME use other people's images?

MOOVME provides access to Flickr images that are licensed under creative commons. This means people have given the world permission to use their images under specific circumstances and with the proper attribution. MOOVME respects the intellectual property rights of others and is in complience with all creative commons requirements.

How does MOOVME find the images for my text?

MOOVME selects images related to both the mood you select and the keywords of your text.

Why is there no audio available for my MOOVME?

People already have their own music streaming or playing form their computers, blogs or myspace. MOOVME is designed to visually compliment these existing listening conditions. However, we are actively finding ways to include text to speech and music options.

Why does MOOVME give me images that are irrelevant?

MOOVME locates images through tags. Tags are an unregulated system of categorization. This means that people often consciously or unconsciously misuse the process. The informal nature of tagging does affect the accuracy of images that are returned through MOOVME.

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